Sunday, April 13, 2008

Poetry Critique: Submit Your Poem-in-Progress

You may submit a poem-in-progress, any form or style, for critique by the community. Because of copyright issues, submit ONLY your own work. As the admin, I need to know your real identity, although (if you wish) I can post the poem anonymously.

Please limit the length to 40 lines maximum, and, if applicable, specify the form (sonnet, villanelle, sestina, pantoum, etc.).

Submit only in-progress poems. It does little good to submit a poem that you feel is ready for publication.

In your submission, it would be helpful if you wrote a short narrative regarding the kind of help you are seeking.

For example,

1. Are you seeking a line editing or an entire re-envisioning of the poem? Something in-between? Not sure?

2. What do you like best about your poem? The least?

3. Where are you having the most difficulty? For example, in the poem I posted on April 12 (not for critique, though; I'm not sure I'm going anywhere with this poem), I had difficulties with choosing the right word for how the mother "quiets" her child. I'm still not satisfied, so if I were to post this poem for critique, I would ask for help in this area.

4. What do you wish to leave alone? (Though it might be helpful to be open-minded here.)

Remember this about critiques: in the end, it's your work and your decision whether to accept or reject a critique.

Also, feel free to ask questions if you don't understand something about a critique.

Please note that the administrator of this forum will not be doing any poetry critiques; this is strictly a community service space.

There is no guarantee that your poem will receive any critique, and, of course, cannot verify the validity of individual critiques. Also keep in mind that critics may have differing styles: tone, thoroughness, critical experience.

It will be up to the poet to decide what to take (if anything) from a critique.

Post any questions here, but do not submit your poem on this thread here.

Send your poem here.


  1. Love Letter From The Dead

    All I ever needed was you
    I shouldn't have cared about what everyone else thought
    I shouldn't have cared about myself
    But I needed to
    Because it felt like nobody was looking out for me
    I wanted so hard to believe in us/love
    But it seemed too good to be true to even conceive
    As you were moving forward in life
    As I stagnated in mine
    And here I still am
    I'm not sure why

    I guess that all I ever wanted was someone like you
    So when I finally had that
    I didn't know what else to do
    When you wanted something more
    I guess it was only a matter of time
    Until I became a chore
    And the relationship was going to die
    No matter how hard I tried to fight
    To keep things alive
    I couldn't see past the needle in my eye
    I might as well have been blind
    Then I ran out of white lies
    And you saw through my disguise
    As I no longer had anywhere that I could hide
    I was so scared of losing you to the night
    That I ended up running away
    Until you were out of sight
    Which I regret to this day
    As there is no light

    Just a darkness from which nothing seems to exist
    But an all emcompassing almost perfect silence
    That I'm only fortunate enough to be able to lift
    With the memories of our youthful bliss
    Which haunt me but I'll always miss
    When happiness was such a regular gift
    That it may have seemed
    To go unnoticed and unappreciated
    But I'm still thankful
    To have ever met your kiss
    Even if it left me so heartbroken and hopeless

    This is forever, this is never, this is the end
    This is never, this is forever, nowhere to begin
    Being sentient, as it is the opposite of infinite
    I have been witness to the paradox of consciousness

  2. Oh, what the hey.

    We'll allow critique submissions here.




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