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News: Miley Cyrus to Write Her Memoir

Also known as Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus, all of 15 years old, is writing a memoir.

Now I have nothing against this young person who (because of her connections) has made it big. From what I have observed, she has the talent to back up her claim to fame.

Besides, my three-year-old granddaughter adores her and has memorized all her songs. What's not to like about that?

But I have to wonder what a pampered 15-year-old has to write about that could possibly be of interest to the general reading public.

Anne Frank, of course, was 15 when she died in a concentration camp and 13 when she began inking in her astonishing diary, but, then, due to circumstances, she had to grow up fast and, unfortunately, had something compelling to write about.


("This is a photograph of me as I wish I looked all the time. Then I might still have a chance of getting to Holywood [sic]." -- Anne Frank, 10 October 1942)

Well, even young Miss Frank had her Hollywood aspirations.

It seems that publishing industry is way out of whack; unless a manuscript is guaranteed to become a best seller, no one wants to publish it.

This seems especially true of poetry, although I would contend that the po-biz itself is largely responsible for the general lack of interest in "serious" poetry.

I cited James Tate's poem "Father Day" as an example of a bad poem by an esteemed poet. As long as the biz continues extolling lousy work, the more alienated the reading public will feel from poetry.

Come to think of it, that proposed Hannah Montana memoir is looking better every minute.

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