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Forum Thread: What is "Flarf" or "Wergle Flomp" Poetry? (Or What Happens When You Submit to Poetry [dot] com?)

If you don't know these terms, here are some sites that can help clarify them:

Boing Boing

The Flarf Files

David Taub, Creator of the Wergle Flomp

A Wergle Flomp Contest

-----(disclaimer: administrator's Squidoo lens)

Wikipedia (Flarf)

Can Flarf, also known as Wergle Flomp, be considered as serious poetry? Can serious poetry be developed from nonsensical poetry?

Have you ever written a Flarf or Wergle Flomp?

Have you ever submitted a poem to poetry.scam, er, poetry (dot) com? If so, when did you realize that it was (is) a bogus publisher?

On the other hand, if you consider a poetry (dot) com publication a valid publishing credit, feel free to explain why.

If you consider the poetry (dot) com company (known as Watermark Media Group, Inc.) an ethical company, feel free to explain why.

Write your own Flarf or Wergle Flomp, submit it to Poetry (dot) com (or some other vanity press), and then post it here. Wait a few weeks and then watch your snail mail and email boxes. What does the letter tell you.

Have fun!

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