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Announcement--Reviving Some Forum Threads

Readers may have noticed the General Forum Threads and Book Review Threads at the top of this page; for the time being, I have decided to revive some old blogger threads.

I'll be the first to admit that a Blogger forum does not offer an ideal platform for spontaneity; it has its technical limitations--for example, if you want to edit or delete your comments, you cannot, and you cannot start threads or post articles, unless you have been invited and been accepted as a member of this blog.

However, after my experience on the last version of the forum, I have become somewhat skittish about reviving it on a standard forum platform. As some readers may know, it was a nightmare, one that I do not wish to repeat (trolls, creeps, spammers, porners, etc.), so I thought I would try using Blogger again, which now offers a lot of cool widgets and templates. And as I have become much more adept with the Blogger format, the threads should be be fairly easy to navigate.

Admin is still very much dedicated to freedom of expression in the literary arts, believing that opposing views ought to be heard; however, in the end, as admin/owner, I decide what is appropriate for posting.

Having said this, I tend not to have a twitchy finger when it comes to the delete button. I don't mind controversy and disagreement among commentators, but I do expect two things: basically staying on topic and being respectful of others.

What will be deleted from this site:
--Comments with outside links.
Sorry, but I have no way of knowing where that link will take readers.
--Off topic comments

--Advertising and general spam

--Hate speech

--Name calling

--Bad language

--Accusations (false and/or unproven)

One final item:
You must be signed into your blogger/gmail account in order to post a comment on this blog.
Happy commenting!

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