Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What's Wrong with This Picture?

Inside, an invitation to join the Academy of American Poets:

The only time these people are interested in my voice: when I speak the color of green.


  1. They have the nerve to ask you for money?

  2. QUOTE:

    Dear Friend,

    Today it gives me great pleasure to invite you to become an Associate Member of the Academy of American Poets.

    As Chairman of the Academy [Eunice J. Panetta], I hope very much you will accept.

    In joining us now, you will enter into a new and exciting relationship with the best American poets of today and tomorrow. You will receive public recognition for your role in nurturing the art of poetry. And you will receive a number of material benefits which will bring you closer to the center of the American poetry world.

    (Blah, blah, blah....)

  3. It surprises me that anyone would give money to the organization which has a ONE STAR rating from guidestar, which ranks charities. Tree Swensen makes a SIX FIGURE salary for what? Inviting Jorie Graham and her babysitter to read for National Poetry Month. Despicable.


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