Modern Poetry: "Crystal Day" (Gary B. Fitzgerald)

Crystal calcite ball on a light box

Almost imperceptible the change
from dark to day's first light,
a feeble streak of amber
as the coal of night ignites

and burning bursts into vivid citrine flames,
rays like rosy quartz
illuminating wisps of pearly clouds,
and a crystal day starts.

I leave for work beneath a turquoise sky,
hoping for the best,
silver clouds drift slowly
like pale ghosts into the West.

And through the crystal day I march
under marbled skies,
while, preoccupied with my work, unnoticed
the glittering morning dies.

Like shards of milky quartz white nimbus clouds
are embedded deep in sapphire fields.
I focus on my business
and the living which it wields.

Aquamarine, now, as evening arrives
slowly darkening the day
with widening bands of ruby
like a painting by Monet.

Home at last to find my gray cat Jasper
decided he should die.
Heavy and cold, my heart; he as still as stone.
I bury him as I cry.

The sun, a topaz set in amethyst,
slowly sinks from view;
clouds of gold low over your grave.
I sit, remember you.

A life is gone and, hard as rock,
diamonds glow in jet black skies.
Twilight fades back into night
and a crystal day now also dies.


Copyright 2005, Evolving - Poems 1965-2005
Copyright 2006, Specimens - Selected Poems
Gary B. Fitzgerald

Posted with permission from poet.

Photo/Illustration: Copyright 2008, Jennifer Semple Siegel



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