ACommoner's Deleted Poll Question...

Has been recreated and posted here:

"Should ACommoner have been locked out of "The First Amendment and Forums" thread (on

The question refers to a thread on another forum: First Amendment Thread

Technically, forums (unless they are established by the government) are not really bound by the First Amendment.

However, it seems to me that dissenters ought to have at least one place to raise unpopular issues and engage in "impolite" conversation.

In fact, on the surface, poetry is just too darn polite (never mind the backstabbing and deals made behind the scenes). Give me a noisy poetry slam any day.

Nothing that ACommoner has said has raised any legal red flags; it seems he has some questions that no one seems to want to answer.

The Admin of the aforementioned forum said, "If you wish to continue to debate this topic, you are free to create your own blog or website to do so."

So true, and one reason why THIS admin has decided to start up this forum (which is not yet in forum format).

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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    I was raised to have good manners. Forgot all that pretty much but.....

    I consider the web boards I've run to be an extension of my living room. I expect visitors to act like they dropped by for a visit. I'm very easy to get along with but I do draw some lines.

    And when somebody starts complaining about Freedom of Speech I remind them that they have freedom of speech but not in my living room. If they want to spout off about something taboo on my boards they are welcome to go build their own board.

    Since you plan on a web board format here, you'll probably want to lay down some ground rules. Spend some time thinking about them then enforce them as needed.


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