Poets (in-your-face) Dot Net is Coming Soon!

Are you tired of being kicked off writing forums because your ideas and opinions do not mesh with that of the literary establishment?

Are your posts being deleted because you would dare to question literary conventional wisdom and practices?

Are you sick of the pap that passes for poetry these days?

Then Poets.net may be the forum space for you.

Poets.net will offer a great big voice for the serious poet and writer who doesn't have the time or stomach to kiss establishment butt.

What would YOU like to see featured in Poets.net?

Post your ideas here in the comment section. For a limited time (or until the spam becomes overwhelming), the comment feature for this thread will be wide open for your comments.

No captchas to type in.

During summer 2008, a forum format will be launched.

Poets.net will not and could never be a reincarnation of Foetry, but this forum may (with permission) link to the Foetry archives.

Post Foetry will remain active.

1 comment:

  1. I stink at poetry!
    I don't know why.
    Maybe it's just my style.
    But my poetry never rhymes.


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