Forum Thread: Self-Promoting Your Books Here

This thread is open to those of you who want to plug your books or the books of your friends. Creative writers don't have a lot of opportunities to blurb about their efforts, so I thought I'd offer. This is a genuine offer, BUT...

There are some caveats:

  • No book reviews. Just the title, author, a short blurb, and link to where one can buy and/or see more information/review about the book. (Book reviews are separate threads).

  • You may use this thread only; blurbs in other comment sections will be deleted.

  • By posting your blurb, you do leave yourself open to comments about your work, and these comments, as protected speech, will not be deleted.

If you wish to review a book, click on one of the following threads:

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  1. Gary B. Fitzgerald said...

    Can reading poetry still be fun without the poems being silly or comedic?

    Can serious poetry still be inspiring without being depressing?

    Find out.

    Find Gary B. Fitzgerald

    Opinions welcome

    (and look for my two new collections coming this Summer)


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